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Reading Rev’s Phonics & Spelling Program

We all know how important structured literacy is for kindergarten through second graders, but what happens when we have students in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade that didn’t get it or have big holes? They’re often just left in the dust and we hope that somehow they’ll magically figure it out along the way.

We know that explicit instruction in all five components is so important well beyond second grade, but often we just don’t know exactly how to do that.

Reading Rev has created a four-part system based on the Orton Gillingham methodology and the science of reading to help you give the very best possible instruction to all of your students.

You can even get each component separately if you don’t need them all!

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…

Component One

Everything Reading Notebook

This is a notebook that covers all 5 components of literacy + Morphology. 

At the beginning of the week, new learning is captured here and the students take notes on the new concept. Then, students have a reference book to use for the rest of the year!

Component Two

Student Practice

Students need a lot of practice with these concepts and so we’ve created a spelling pattern sequence system.

These are 36 weeks of phonetic and spelling patterns packets filled with Orton Gillingham-inspired activities. Students will also see morpholgy incorporated here. This is where the “aah haa!” moments happen!

Component Three

Corresponding Skill-based Passages

We know it’s so important to continually connect phonetic patterns to both encoding (spelling) and decoding (reading). 

These passages are a perfect place for kids to see a phonetic pattern in play.

They’re age-appropriate, high interest, and come in two different reading levels. Decodability is not the same for every student so we’ve made differentiation easy! A comprehension check and teacher page that gives you the irregular words, the high-interest words, and extension ideas are also included!

Component Four

Teacher Talks!

This is the ultimate teacher manual, and what we wish that we would have had when we started out on our structured literacy journey. 

We know that not all teachers feel confident teaching the phonetic patterns that many of us didn’t learn as kids.

So, we have created Teacher Talks! to help you feel confident in teaching phonics, syllable types, and morphology.

Includes detailed explanations, multi-sensory practice ideas, links to free online resources and videos, differentiated word lists, and sentences for fluency and dictation.

Reading Rev’s Scope and Sequence is a 36 week, year long plan. Included are the 6 main phonetic patterns of English, Spelling Rules, and Morphology. You can download the scope and sequence in our FREE Resource Library!

Want to see if this program could be a game changer for you? You can download 2 weekly units in our FREE Resource Library! Week #1: Closed Syllables and Week #28: Diphthongs OI/OY are waiting for you now!

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YES! This is exactly what I was looking for and what my class needed. It is the content they NEED without the primary feel. I ran it by our reading specialist… she was so impressed! Thank you! My students are definitely engaged, and I am loving that I feel like we are getting somewhere! Eve- 3rd Grade

I just started using this with my striving 4th graders. I love how there is a phonics skill suitable for older students but also a reading passage with comprehension questions which allows me to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. SO helpful! Tammi – 4th Grade Teacher

This resource has been perfect for my older intervention students. One of my favorite parts is the graphic organizer comprehension piece! I love being able to add that to our lessons! One I Teach- TpT Seller and Teacher

Thank YOu!! This is GOLD! I just bought the Reading Rev program. I am trained in OG. I LOVE all your resources!! Dena- 4th Grade Teacher