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2022 Second Grade Summer MUST READ Book List

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Let’s INSPIRE summer reading! I spent the last month interviewing students, parents, and teachers about what books should make our Summer Must-Read Lists. One response was, “This series required some emergency trips to the library!” I hope that every child feels that excited to rush off to the library to get the next book. If you need some additional summer reading inspiration, check out our annual, 7 Tips to Encourage Reading and Avoid Summer Slide.

Each grade level has a 2022 “Must Read” list that includes 9 titles. I chose these books because they are inspiring, diverse, age-appropriate, and most importantly, adored by real kids!

The books chosen for the 2nd grade list were selected for newly independent readers. They are high-interest, popular books that will build excitement and reading stamina. Three series were chosen because at this stage of reading development, we just want our kids hungry to read more! The books chosen for this list are NOT decodable readers meant for an emergent reader to read independently. If your child is not an independent reader, use this selection to read together and build excitement, rich vocabulary, great conversations, connection, and a love for reading! If you would like to find out more about why decodables are important and where to find those for independent reading practice, click here.

I taught second grade for four years and this was the single greatest hit! I love helping students get hooked into a series. There is something amazing about the confidence and pleasure that comes when a young reader get engrossed in a book series!

A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy does just that! Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose accidentally fall into a mystery in the first book Absent Author. They realize they are actually talented at the detective thing so begin solving mysteries for every letter of the alphabet! These books are perfect for students who are ready to take on real chapter books and love mysteries.

Check out www.ronroy.com for all kinds of activities and mysterious fun!

These inspiring picture books, written by jory Johns and illustrated by Peter Oswald, take on real character development issues in a humorous way!

The Bad Seed is bad, He’s irritable, selfish, and rude. He knows it Everyone knows it. He’s been bad for son long he doesn’t remember being anything else. One day, Bad Seed decides that maybe he like to be… happy. This story proves that it’s never to late to change!

The Good Egg has the opposite problem. He’s always good! In fact he is such a perfectionist that he just can’t understand the other eggs who act rotten. The Good Egg can’t take it anymore and begins to actullay crack under pressure. He learns big lessons about balance and friendship in this witty story.

Drawn Together by MinhLe and Dan Santat is an incredible, multigenerational story about heritage, misunderstanding, and finding common ground. When a boy visits his grandfather, their age and language differences seem to build a wall of misunderstanding.

Then, they begin to draw. They find they can express more than they ever thought possible.

This beautifully illustrated book has few words and proves that sometimes saying less is more.

“Collectors collect things. Some people collect stamps. Some people collect baseball cards. Jerome collected words.”

Peter H. Reynolds book The Word Collector, shows the power of words. It is a delightful story that will help children tune in to the words around them.

Maybe your second graders can even start their very own collection of words. Or, they can join Michelle and Barack Obama while they read this story here.

This collection of true animal tales will leave you feeling amazed and inspired! Meet animals who saved the day, made incredible contributions, and changed the world.

Not all heroes were capes. Some have four legs and are covered in fur!

Each short story has real photos of ths animals who will surely steal your child’s heart.

Another MUST READ book series for newly independent readers is Dragon Masters by Tracy West. It all starts when Drake is whisked away to a far away castle where he learns that he will be the next dragon master!

Each dragon master must connect with their dragons and discover their own dragon’s special power. The magic, wizards, spells, and page-turning plots of these high-interest books will have your child begging for the next!

Sticks, Stars, Dens, & Stones is a great way to encourage your kids to get outside this summer!

With this outdoor adventure guide book, your kids can discover different habitats, learn important facts about plants and animals, and explore the outdoors in a new and interesting way!

Get ready for scavenger hunts and star gazing!

We are back with another MUST-HAVE series. This time it’s non-fiction! Each book in the Who Would Win? Series pits two animals in a battle to see who would come out on top. Some scenerios could happen, others could not.

After comparing each animals strengths and weaknesses, make a guess. Who do you think will win? Turn the page and find out who would be the most likely victor.

These books are a classroom favorite!

Henry’s Freedom Box, A True Story from the Underground Railroad is a rivoting and dramatic story.

Henry doesn’t know how old he is. No slave does because no one keeps records of the birth of an owned child.

Henry is torn away from his family as a child. He growns up and is made to work in a warehouse. One day, as he is packing shipping containers, Henry has an idea. What if he shipped himself to freedom!

This incredible story shows just how much the human spirit can persevere. Finally, Henry has a birthday; his first day of freedom.

Download our Student Must Read Rating Sheet for FREE in our resource library. You can also find our Primary Summer Reading Challenge there too. Let’s make reading FUN!

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