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2022 First Grade Summer MUST READ Book List

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Let’s INSPIRE summer reading! I spent the last month interviewing students, parents, and teachers about what books should make our Summer Must-Read Lists. One response was, “This series required some emergency trips to the library!” I hope that every child feels that excited to rush off to the library to get the next book. If you need some additional summer reading inspiration, check out our annual, 7 Tips to Encourage Reading and Avoid Summer Slide.

Each grade level has a 2022 “Must Read” list that includes 9 titles. We chose these books because they are inspiring, diverse, age-appropriate, and most importantly, adored by real kids!

The books chosen for this list are NOT decodable readers meant for an emergent reader to read independently. These books are meant to build excitement, rich vocabulary, great conversations about plot and characters, language development, connection, and a love for reading! If you would like to find out more about why decodables are important and where to find those, click here.

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak will have your child rolling with laughter! It’s seriously a favorite that you’ll be BEGGED to read more times than you’d probably like!

The story begins by telling the reader that they MUST read exactly what the words on the page says. It just gets sillier from there.

All the Birds in the World, has page after page of interesting facts about what makes a bird a bird. But, with each page, little kiwi doesn’t fit in with the description and asks, “What about me?”

Your child could spend hours looking at the detailed illustrations for all the intricacies about the color, shape, size, and habitat of birds.

Finally, the little kiwi chick discovers that he might not be as different as he thought.

This book beautifully weaves science and fiction. You can even joing David Opie, the author, for story time here.

The Proudest Blue, by Olympic gold medalist, Ibtihaj Muhammed, is a story of family, tradition, dignity, ans self-worth.

It’s Faizah’s first day of school and she could not be more excited. It’s also a special day for Faizah’s older sister, Asiya. It’s Asiya’s first day of hijab. Her hijab is the most beautiful blue, like the ocean waving to the sky.

But, the girls are soon met with looks of confusion and words of judgement. They must find a way to understand that family and tradition can outshine all else.

Fantasmagory: a dream-like state where real life and imagination are blurred together

Dory is an energetic, imaginative little girl who wants nothing more than to have her older siblings include her. They call her Rascal and want nothing to do with her.

Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon is a chapter book series about how “Rascal” uses her imagination to create adventures, solve problems, and find her place in her family and this world.

“It fell from the sky on a Thursday. No one knew where it came from. No one knew what it could be. Everyone agreed. It was the most amazing thing they had ever seen.”

The creatures of the garden were amazed. Witty spider knew just what he would do. Insects came from far and wide to see this miraculous wonder. Until one day, it simply disappeared. Luckily, patient spider knew just what to do.

The Fan Brothers so cleverly capture human nature in their newest, beautifully illustrated, picturebook, It Fell From the Sky.

Curious kids will love Curious Comparisons, A Life-Size Look at the World Around You by Jorge Doneiager.

This non-fiction book takes a look a everyday objects and asks the most unthinkable questions! How many single grains of sand does it take to fill a bucket? How many ants would it take to steal a peice of cake from a picnic if they can carry 100 times their body weight? Which weighs ore, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?

Inquisative kids will be entralled with this book! What kids of questions can your child create about the world around them?

Mo Willems might just be an all-time favorite author for you children. His books are ingenious and once your child begins exploring them, they won’t want to stop!

The Elephant and Piggy series is hilarious and a great place for early readers to practice reading with expression!

The Pigeon series will have you rolling with laughter. Knuffle Bunny is a definite must-read. How many Mo Willems books can you check off this summer? Don’t forget to check out mowillems.com for even more fun!

Did you know that the beloved story of Winnie the Pooh is based on a true story. When a veterinarian saw a small bear club for sale at a train depot, he knew he could care for him.

The soldier took the bear to the training camp in England, and the loveable bear soon became the mascot for the camp. But, the soldier was deployed and needed a safe place for his favorite bear.

The London Zoo became the bear’s new home. Soon, a young boy named Christopher Robin, began visiting the bear. And, the rest is history.

Winnie, The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh by Sally M. Walker will capture the hearts of the young and old.

Older kids know and love Dav Pilkey for his popular series Captain Underpants and Dogman. However, fewer are familiar with his series for younger children.

The loveable blue dragon has many unforgettable adventures and you’re child will be cheering for Dragon every steop of the way.

A Friend for Dragon is a favorite because it’s a quest for a friend that ends with an unexpected surprise. You’re child can even get his/her very own Dragon stuffed animal.

Download our Student Must Read Rating Sheet for FREE in our resource library. You can also find our Primary Summer Reading Challenge there too. Let’s make reading FUN!

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